Alexander Groenewege Industrial Design (AGID) is an industrial designer and has a broad portfolio of succesvol projects; showing ampel international experience in designing business to business (B2B) machines as well as consumer products, based on result oriented work and the compatibility to reconcile seemingly conflicting demands.

Domestic Appliances, Personal Care, Home Entertainment, Illumination.


High Tech                  : Electronica, Semi-con, PCB,  (Digital-)Print, Medical systems.

Food                          : Processing & Packaging

Automotive               : Marine, Yachting, Aviation, Landbouwwerktuigen, Intern transport.

Meubilair                   : Straatmeubilair van hout, staal of beton.

Waste Technology  : Diverse tweewielcontainers en inwerpzuilen.



Alexander Groenewege Industrial Design – AGID
Singelstraat 19+21
NL 2613 EM Delft
Tel: +31 (0)15 213 06 22
E-mail: alexander@groenewege.nl



Alexander Groenewege

Alexander Groenewege has substantial experience in creating domestic appliances, electronic and office equipment, tools and machinery; medical instruments; technical furniture and workstations; human machine interfaces and pictograms; food industry products; agricultural, catering and automotive projects; packing and display material.